Spitfire Squadron

It is unlikely that you will ever meet a pilot who would not pass up the chance to fly a Spitfire, but alas the opportunities are only open to the very wealthy or lucky few......until now

We Want You !

It has to be the most iconic aircraft ever made and undoubtedly one of the most elegantly shaped fighters ever conceived. The Spitfire’s silhouette is etched into the British psyche, I defy anyone not to look skyward when they hear and then see a Spitfire overhead. No other aircraft can do a victory roll quite like the Spitfire, it’s a sight that lifts your very soul.

A Spitfire for the many not just the few.

12 ship squadron

We are setting up a 12 ship squadron, something to make your pulse race! Followed by a formation display that only Spitfires can pull off....magic!

We need you to help make this happen! From pilots to ground crew, WAF’s to caterers. We are going to reinact the whole thing down to the finest detail.  Find out more.................