Solo in 9 days Cessna 152


In just 9 days you could be flying a plane solo, yes it is really possible!

With our CAA/EASA approved pilot training program you will lean all that is necessary for you to take to the sky ALONE!!

Flying a plane solo is one of those moments that your will remember for the rest of your life, it’s a fabulous achievement and there are not that many of us who have done this.

You will receive your preparation and study material with your welcome pack which will give you all the information about what is required to get you to the solo standard. You will also need to get aviation medical before you commence your course at Enstone. This can be done by your regular GP but requires a special form which will be in your welcome pack.

Some of our first solo graduates (left)

Things you need and things you don’t need.


Not Needed


Technical Background

More Enthusiasm

Perfect eyesight

Even More Enthusiasm

PHD in Rocket Science

Own Transport


 At least 16 years old on the day you fly solo

Previous experience


Flying suit


Leather hat, goggles and silk scarf



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