Pilot in 30 hours !

Yes in just 30 hours you could hold a Light aircraft pilots licence! (LAPL)

The LAPL is a fabulous way to get your pilots licence quick, 98% of pilots never use the privileges of the PPL so why spend the extra hours and time working for 2%?

Yes In six to eight months you could be taking your family and friends flying!

Yes you can fly a complex, tail wheel or aerobatic aircraft even one of our Spitfires!

Yes you can add a night rating

Yes you can fit learning to fly around your busy life

Yes you can choose the days you fly, we are open 7 days a week.

Yes there is homework, but its interesting stuff and you will use what you learn on every flight.

How much

Yes you pay as you fly

Cessna 152 (under 6'3" and 15st) from £7600 includes all you need

Piper PA28  (over 15st ) from £8500 includes all you need

Fancy a chat give Paul or Angela a call 01608 678204