Full Flying Session 2 (3 seat plane)


Full Flying lesson 60 minutes in your aircraft (take a friend up too, for free!)

  • Your voucher is valid for 6 months and we are open 360 days a year for voucher flights, so there is plenty of time to book in. ( a fuel surcharge may be payable due to the increasing cost of aviation fuel) 
  • Unlike other voucher companies our vouchers are for time in the plane, your lesson will last about 2 hours in total
  • An ideal way to give someone an idea of what it feels like to be at the controls of a real aeroplane for an hour. Suitable for persons over 15st (96Kgs) and all ages, size and mobility may be a limiting factor.
  • An hour long sortie gives you more time at the controls and the opportunity to fly some more manoeuvres during the return leg. The flight covers more ground so you get to see more of the fabulous countryside as you fly along. Why not take a friend up too, they can take pictures or shoot some video, there is no charge for them.
  • All prices include VAT and vouchers are valid for 6 months from date of purchase
  • Our no risk guarantee, should the recipient not want to fly just let us know within 28 days of purchase for a full refund

What our short video below to found out more!

What Happens?

After a short briefing from your expert instructor on what  you are going to be doing during the flight, it's out to the aircraft which has been pre-flight checked by your instructor, after being shown how to get in and fasten your safety belts. The engine will burst noisily into life but with your headset on you will be able to follow what your instructor is doing and saying to the controller, it will all sound like a foreign language but a lot of information is passed very efficiently and quickly.

Power checks completed at the 'Echo hold' its time to get airborne, the plane will accelerate to take off speed then gently climb away from the airfield. You will be in control and flying the plane once the instructor is happy with all the aircraft instruments. You will get to really feel what its like to fly a real plane as you fly over the Oxfordshire country side, towns and villages you are familiar with will look completely different from the air, you will be surprised how far you can see on a clear day.

The earth bound audience you left behind will be able to take video and photos of your approach and landing followed by some great cockpit shots as you taxi back to the parking spot. You can join them in our club house for tea and medals after your sortie.

If the flight inspires you to take your flying further then you can talk it through with your instructor or one of the Enstone team, who will be happy to answer any questions.

Taking passengers

In this aircraft you can take a friend up too!, they can take pictures, shoot video ( which can be turned into a future epic) whilst you get to demonstrate your flying skills and find out that the real thing is a lot different to a PC flight simulator!

It is possible to combine two sessions so you both get to fly the plane.

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