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Free Learn to fly Seminars where ever you live

Free and open to anyone with an interest in learning to fly. Join one of our Zoom seminars from where ever you live, you can just sit and listen or join in. Find out that there are no silly questions in aviation and all conducted in a non intimidating fashion. We want to share our love of flying and encourage you to become pilots. Want join in, then click in the box below

G-BODO landing on North side grass Enstone Aifield

Learning to fly at Enstone Flying Club

 At Enstone Flying Club, you are not just a number, but a member of the family. 

You are an important part of our club and encouraged to become a part of the community here at Enstone. Just ask some !

For more information, you can read our Learning To Fly guide, contact us or call Angela or Paul on 01608 678204 with any questions you have.

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How safe is Learning to fly?

This a question that you or a loved one will ask at some point. We can quote more statistics about how safe it is but the truth is that" flying is as safe as you choose to make it" we do everything we can to make it as safe as it can be and you can read in our blog the lengths we go to, to keep you safe. Get your loved one to read this article and if they or you have any questions give me a call

01608 678204 ask for Paul

Who can learn to fly ?

Virtually anyone can learn to fly and there is no lower age limit, however you need to be able to reach the controls to have lessons - you only need normal health and eyesight (with or without glasses) in order to pass the medical requirements which will vary according the licence you wish to attain.

Most potential pilots start with a trial lesson or air experience flight in one of our training aircraft. 

There are no age limits for flying lessons with an instructor,  you can log hours towards your PPL as soon as you can fully control the plane, at 16 you can fly solo and hold a full  PPL at 17

How much does it cost to learn to Fly a plane in the UK.....with us?

You will discover that any form of powered flight training cannot be done “on the cheap” like all things, you get what you pay for. You can read or down load our article on what does it cost by clicking here.

The fact is, the more time you can put in the faster you will complete the necessary requirements, thus allowing you to complete the full private pilots licence (PPL) course in the minimum number of hours is 45hrs the Light Aircraft pilots licence (LAPL) requires less hours (30hrs) you can find which licence suits you best by clicking here.

Our , or if you have any questions, please feel free to call us on 01608 678204 or contact us.


How much will it cost?

The national average for the number of hours taken to attain a PPL(A) is 55 hours, the duration and the cost will come down to how much time and effort you can put into your training. The time you leave between lessons will have a direct effect on how long and how much it will ultimately cost you. 

Pay as you go?

We do not ask for money up front!  This method means you stay fully in control of the costs, you can stop and start whenever you need to. The total cost will also depend on the aircraft type you select to train in. 

Do I need special skills to learn to fly?

Absolutely NOT!!!! 

What can I do with my licence, once I have it?

Use it for pleasure. Lunch in France in an hour! Watch the traffic queues on route to major attractions as you speed past above it it all. Take your friends away, or visit distant ones on a more regular basis.Use it for business? Enstone to Aberdeen in less than 2 hours hold several productive meetings and be home for tea and medals, try doing that with a commercial operator. Put it all down to expenses and best of all you fly for free!!!! 

After completing my PPL how much will cost to hire an aircraft for a day, weekend or week?

You may rent the aircraft for the day, weekend or week and will generally be only charged for the actual flight time, however there are some exceptions! There may be a minimum number of flight hours per day, weekend or week requirement.

Rocky Rowe standing on G-AZLN Enstone Flying Club