What Our Clients Say About Us

First time at the controls

I must admit that on Tuesday I didn’t really take in the enormity of flying, and actually taking control of the plane. It must have been nerves – although I really, really, really enjoyed it. The experience was thrilling, beautiful, scary and totally out of the ordinary. But it was when I got home, and told my wife after work, and described the experience to my nine year old daughter that it really sunk it. Her eyes were wide in disbelief and wonderment. I had to sit down. The thought that I had actually flown a plane, and over one of the most beautiful parts of the country, moved the controls and it moved through three dimensions space… that is just incredible, and I still haven’t got over it – every time I recall the flight and moments from it, I just feel a sense of astonishment.

I think you are absolutely right about this as an experience, it is something I will never forget and will want to tell everyone I meet about! Thank you so much for this experience. It is truly an event in life, and something I will always remember.


a. It is my closest active airfield with a lively microlight club and an instructor to help keep my standards up

b. The runway is in good nick

c. The people about the place are pleasant and helpful. Good sense of community.

d. The club house is good to be in

e. The rates are reasonable

Rupert Galdstone - Microlight Member and aircraft owner

It's local and affordable, I used to fly from Redlands and by the time I had driven for an hour to get there the weather had changed. I lot more "impulse" flying rather than just planning a trip and hoping the weather would co-operate.

Laurie Hurman - Microlight Member

I chose Enstone because of two main factors -

1. The friendly and professional approach and welcome from all concerned at the club

2. The availability of well maintained aircraft.

Phillip Hayward Club friend and aircraft owner

I choose to fly at Enstone because Kidlington's aeroplanes were off line when I was free to start and Enstone could accommodate me. I enjoyed the first lesson and was hooked.

I have stayed because it's laid back and friendly and I think an un licensed field make you a bit more reliant on your own air sense (or ground sense if there is such a thing). If you can eliminate the need to go to Wellsborne that might help a bit for the new guys.

Also the range of aeroplanes is fun. The TB's are nice, the Katana was good, the Cub was GREAT and the Chippy is very tempting. One day I will let one of those microlight guys scare the shit out of me.

The simulator is FANTASTIC and you should make more of it in your bumph. Even if I was only starting out I would be impressed by what I could eventually do with it.

Alan Collins - Full Member and IMC student

Originally lived very close to airfield (about 16 years ago) so it was ideal location and friendly. Moved house 12 years ago so further to travel, still a good location and a friendly environment and wife keeps her microlight there as well!!

Sue & Miles Powell - Microlight & Group A Members

I choose to fly at Enstone because the atmosphere is brilliant the people are so nice, and you always welcome me and others with a smile on your face,that means a lot.

John Greenwell - recent PPL and now full member

I came to Enstone as Pete Thorn who taught me came as CFI to Enstone

I have never regretted coming as it is a friendly club and very orientated to the individual.

You look after my aircraft and ensure it is serviced appropriately.

I have hangarage at a reasonable price.

You organise various activities both social and activities relevant to our flight interests.

Dr Robin Foster - Full Member and Aircraft Owner

Habit...I am very comfortable at Enstone...Plus it is a relaxed airfield to fly from (and to) with lots of nav aids nearby and not forgetting Brize Radar. Plus Paul seems pleased to see me (or it may be because he is mad).

Paul Cyna - Long Term full member

The airfield is easy to fly from (i.e. rarely do you have long queues, delays, etc)
Brize radar have always been very good in my experience, which also helps.

Because it's the nearest microlight flying club to me and it's where I learned.

Dr Ed Morris

Location – convenient enough, although others are closer!

Trust (including well maintained aircraft)

Good instructors

Well run club – run as a business with no cliquey committee


Able to combine Microlight and GA flying, but not too much other “complicated” traffic – e.g. combined aviation as at Booker can be quite complicated and leads to infighting

Dr Craig Livingstone - Microlight Member

Nice aircraft, good variety of types. Aircraft well maintained. Friendly staff and club members. Good (professional) instructors. Not too far from where I live.

Jon Dyer - Full member

Because it has a friendly club atmosphere. Members talk to each other, and generally muck in when needed.

Ian Mellville  - Full Member

It has a great atmosphere and made me feel welcome. It also made me feel relaxed so that I didn't feel nervous as I started my new adventure in learning to fly.

Pat Pearse - Club Friend and Aircraft Owner

Small informal friendly club, much like the one where I learnt to fly at 43 years ago! Plus availability of tailwheel aircraft.

Charl Ranwell Recent Full Member

Enstone's atmosphere, is friendly. Whether you are a novice in aviation or whether you have 16,000 ATPL, FIR, CAA examiner, you all are there and all drinking tea. No "ra ra ra, Im a better pilot" (oxfordness) comes across.

Luke Seymour - Current PPL Sudent

I chose Enstone back when Roy was CFI after having heard about it when I was living in Didcot. At the time I was flying out of High Wycombe and was not at all pleased with the poor quality of the aircraft coupled with the ridiculously high prices (especially given the quality of said aircraft). The aircraft on the club fleet were in much better condition and actually looked like they had been seen to by a mechanic sometime in the previous decade. I also found the people in the club to be friendly and helpful (unlike at the club/school at Wycombe where they didn't seem at all interested in my business and in fact at least one member of staff was quite rude to my wife). I continued to fly from Enstone even after we moved to Reading(which made it a bit of a drive from home) because:
The aircraft are still very good.
The people are still very friendly and helpful

Dr Malcolm Ellis - Full Member

The fleet of aircraft available for training or hire is exceptional. The instructors are qualified to a high standard and the people are friendly, helpful and approachable. The clubhouse is a place to chat around a logfire and there is always much light-hearted banter over a cup of coffee! And where else could you fly to the Scillies as part of your training?