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Team EFC

The EFC Team

Our team of dedicated career instructors take teaching you to fly or just giving you that once in a lifetime opportunity to have a go at flying a plane very seriously but at the same time making it fun. All our team, aircraft, training  and maintainence facilities are all approved by the UK CAA

We are not a factory.  Whilst we have to work the rules laid down by the CAA (Civil Aviation Authority) we treat you as an individual working with you to get the best from you in method that suits you and your lifestyle.

We keep you with the same instructor for the duration of your training.

We are open 7 days a week and train for 360 days of the year.

Above all else we make it safe and fun.

Have a read of the details of the team then give us a call 01608 678204

Gill McNeil -  Head of Training & Instructor/Examiner

Academic Qualifications BSc (Hons) – University of Glasgow, PhD – University of Leeds, Post Doctorate –University of Oxford

Flying Qualifications -  Commercial Pilots Licence CPL(A), Flying Instructor (FI), Night Rating Instructor, IR(R) Instructor, Ground Examiner (GRE) Flight examiner (FE)

Why I Instruct I instruct because I like to pass on what I’ve learned to others and to see student’s progress through the course to obtain their own licence.

Most memorable moment - First time on final approach to Runway 32 at the Scilly Isles – such a beautiful place to visit (and you can be there in a couple of hours by plane from Enstone!)

About me - I’m married, have 4 children and live in Oxfordshire. I trained for my initial PPL at Enstone in 2004, along with my husband and have been there ever since! We own a TB10 and fly for enjoyment, with regular trips to family in Scotland and various coastal locations in England & Wales.

Angela Beaugeard - Club Admin

Flying Qualifications -  PPL (in progress!)

Why EFC - My background is organising events and I met Paul when he came along to one I was running.  He mentioned that It has always been his intention to run well organised events for Enstone Flying Club and for The ACESquadron and I thought I could help.  I found the Members and Team so welcoming that I got sucked in to helping out full time at the Club and eventually decided to get my Pilots this space!

Most memorable moment - Working on this one!

About me - I love to spend time with my grown up daughters.  Walking in and and exploring places both in the UK and abroad with my family; I am lucky to have two amazing sisters who also love to explore; although I don't think they have forgiven me for Snowdonia yet!!!  The Skipper and I plan to have a place in France and I can't wait to be able to take an aircraft over to our french base to sample the wines and food.

Dave Wilkinson - Instructor

Flying Qualifications -  Commercial Pilots Licence CPL(A), Flying Instructor (FI), Instrument Rating (IR), Multi-Engine Piston (MEP), Ground Examiner (GRE)

Why I Instruct- I feel great satisfaction seeing my students' confidence and skills grow as they progress through the PPL training. The highlight for me is when they first go solo.

Most memorable moment - My greatest pride was when I gained my command of the Boeing 737 with British Midland

About me -I am married with 4 children and live in west Oxfordshire, I trained for my PPL in Nottingham and then progressed to mulit- engine instructor rating teaching professional students at Oxford Aviation. I then progressed to flying for the airlines, flying the Boeing 737 for British Midland and Boeing 777 for Etihad.

Dave "Wilco" Wilkingson Enstone Flying Club instructor   

Dave Stephens - Instructor

Flying Qualifications -  PPL(A), Flying Instructor (FI), Tailwheel Differences

Why I Instruct - I wanted to focus my flying, to give me a reason to fly other than just for my own enjoyment and so being an FI was the obvious choice! I also want to be able to contribute as an instructor to the Spitfire project here at EFC, teaching future pilots to fly these iconic aircraft.

Most memorable moment - Definitely my First Solo, at 300ft, thinking "I've got to land this!"

About me - My motivation has been driven by the opportunity to fly my own Spitfire, of which I am one of the syndicate members. I'm also a keen skydiver, having completed over 5000 jumps and participated in a number of world records. I am a current British Record holder too! I'm married and live with my wife (who doesn't fly!).

Dave Stephens, Enstone Flying Club Instructor   

Richard Pitts - Instructor, Examiner

Flying Qualifications - ATPL (IR,PBN), FE, GR, EASA FI SEP, II(R).

Why I Instruct - I have been an instructor since 1990 and a PPL instructor since 2001. I have enjoyed flying since 1981 in many different roles and on many different types. My desire is to give back and promote a fantastic way of life, with all the joy flying can provide.

Most memorable moment - Flying in my commercial jet low level through the Swiss Alps into Buochs Airfield. Oh yes, and many moments in the RAF.

About me - Flying takes up most of my life. I am a captain with Netjets Europe flying the Challenger 350 which keeps me away from home. When in the country, I live in Oxfordshire. I have two grown-up daughters and two grandchildren. I have been associated with Enstone since 2003 and hope to continue to instruct once retired from commercial aviation.

Richard Pitts Enstone Flying Club Instructor & Examiner   

John Benson - Instructor

Academic Qualifications

Until 2018, I was a GP and senior clinical academic, leading aspects of medical education at the University of Cambridge.

Flying Qualifications- PPL, instrument rating (restricted), night rating, aerobatics, complex aircraft, tailwheel, formation. Flying instructor, tailwheel and aerobatics instructor

 Instructional Hours - 350

 Why I Instruct- It’s great to help people realise their ambition to fly. I’ve always flown something, but had to fit it around work and family. I really enjoy trying to help people realise their flying dreams in the world that they personally live in.

 Most memorable moment- So many- seeing a falcon effortlessly formate on my hang glider; breaking out of cloud into a blue sky; diverting successfully in bad weather, with my pilot brother; first flying an aerobatic sequence in competition. But seeing someone’s pleasure as they learn to fly is special and sending a student on first solo is hard to beat.

 About me- Married, 2 adult boys, a mountaineer. Hang gliders and gliders when I was a lad. PPL in 1982, aerobatics, touring, tailwheel, vintage biplanes, formation flying since then. Every flight is a chance to live and learn in a beautiful place, the sky.

Steve Morrell - Instructor

Flying Qualifications - Obtained my PPL in 1987., followed by Multi Engine, IMC and Night Ratings. Became a Class Rating Instructor 9 years ago and have amassed a few hundred hours instructional experience. Specialising in Vintage Tailwheel Aircraft. I have over the years flown myself all over Europe and the UK in multi engine light piston aircraft but now prefer to spend my flying hours in 1950’s vintage aircraft.

Why I Instruct - I instruct because I like to share the specialist experience required to fly vintage tailwheel aircraft. Introducing people to flying for the first time and experienced pilots to a whole new discipline. 

Most memorable moment - Flying a Hawker Hunter jet, inverted at 25,000 feet over the Malvern Hills. 

About me - I am married with three children, three step children and two grandchildren.

Steve Morrell Enstone Flying Club Instructor

Matt Lane - Examiner

Academic Qualifications BEng (Hons) – Loughborough University, MSc - Cranfield University 

Flying Qualifications -  Commercial Pilots Licence CPL(A), Flying Instructor (FI), Flight Examiner (FE), Flying Instructor Course Instructor (FIC), MEP/IR/Aerobatics, RAF Central Flying School A2 QGI/Grob Tutor Pilot 

 Instructional Hours - 2500+

 Why I Instruct - I love the social interaction with all kinds of people and helping students progress to be safe and confident pilots, whatever their eventual aspirations.

 Most memorable moment - Back seat in an RAF Hawk as night fell and we coasted in down the Humber and past York, one of two fast jet trips I’ve been lucky enough to experience. 

 About me - I live in Oxfordshire and instruct/examine for a number of clubs and schools around the region. I also fly RAF Cadets on Oxford University Air Squadron and when not flying can generally found on the ice or watching at ice hockey! 

Matt Lane Enstone Flying Club Examiner

Millie- Chief pest control officer

Academic Qualifications- Rodent dispatching first class Hons

 About me- I am the last of the white tip gang, 3 kittens rescued from the old hangar when our feral mum abandoned us. I am now have my own apartment on top of the club house and am responsible for keeping our furry visitors out of the aircraft in the hangar and managing the rabbit population.