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Dear Sir

Proposed Solar Park Enstone Airfield 11/1924/P/FP

I am writing to object to the above planning application.

Despite assertions to the contrary in the planning application, it is my view that the Solar Park will have a devastating impact on the visual aspect of the landscape. Placed as it is intended, it will be clearly visible from the main Stratford to Oxford road and will ruin the overall rural character of Enstone and generally harm the area.

Should this application be approved and flying be curtailed as a result, there will be an impact on the utility and amenity value of having an airfield at Enstone. A great number of local people derive their income either directly or by providing services to those who use the airfield. In the current economic climate with millions un-employed planning applications that have an adverse impact on employment in rural areas already hit by job losses and the recession should not be entertained.

The erection of this Solar Farm will do nothing positive to enhance either the job market in Enstone or the overall rural character of the area. Refusing planning will have the opposite effect jobs will be retained, the utility and amenity value of the airfield will continue and local residents will not suffer the blight to their landscape.

Yours faithfully

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