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The Private Pilots licence Courses

The private pilot licence (JAR PPL A) course is a minimum of 45 hours, of which 5 hours may be completed in a FNPT or simulator.

Holders of other types pilot licenses i.e. microlight, Gyroplane etc. may be granted up to 10 hours reduction from the 45 Total required.

Of the 45 hours training at least 25 hours must be dual flight training and at least 10 hours must be supervised solo flight.

Of these 10 hours of solo flight 5 hours must be solo navigation and must include a cross country flight of no less than 150nm with two full stop landings at different aerodromes excluding the departure aerodrome. This is referred to as a Qualifying Cross Country Flight.
NPPL SSEA (simple single engine aircraft)
The National Private Pilots licence has a shorter number of hours required to gain your pilots lincence but has a number of benefits and restrctions.
Benefits from less strigent medical requirements Click here for medical form
Flying only in UK airspace ( no trips the Le Continent)
Day VFR (visual flight rules) only and not ugradable
Click here for NPPL sylabus
NPPL Conversion requirements  to SSEA
NPPL Microlight and BGA  Gliding to SSEA Click Here
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