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Spitfire HQ launch Open weekend of 17 and 18th September 2011

I am holding an open weekend here at Enstone, it will be an invitation only event, limited to 100 visitors per day sent to those who have registered on the site. It will cost a Tenner per person this will include lunch (Spit roast, obviously) Plus I will be inviting all the current Mk26 kit owners including the completed kits that will hopefully fly in. It will be an opportunity for you to come and meet Kit 73 and its owners and chat about all things Spitfire. If you would like to book for this event

For the non-flyers looking to join the squadron there will be the military vehicle and living history sections that will be recruiting for members. The ground-based part of the squadron will play as an important a role as the airborne section. We want whole families to really get involved, portraying a squadron on the move will require lots of different trades, some are more obvious than others, but I feel confident that everyone will find something of interest. All these roles will have to be conducted in authentic dress whether in uniform or civvies including the children. There will be no place for mobile phones; I pod buds, designer watches or glasses in the living history area. If you donít fancy this side of squadron life, you can volunteer for the squadron of today section, where we will have the recruiting stand, a possible spitfire simulator, club merchandise, press office, information centre plus anything else we can come up with.

I would like to have representatives from Supermarine, MT (the propeller people) plus other potential suppliers to the squadron at this event.

If numbers allow we will hold a BBQ waht is left of the Spit roast to celebrate the official launch of the Squadron the evening of the 17th September and for those wanting to stay over; I have negotiated a special deal with one of the local Hotels.


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