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Spitfire Club at Enstone flying Club

So here’s the idea.

We’re Are putting together teams of builders/pilots to complete twelve ninety per cent scale Supermarine MK26B Spitfires.

The Squadron's third aircraft is now under construction in the fighter hangar here at Enstone.

Builder-pilots who want to can go on to be trained to fly in formation, becoming an amateur operational squadron based at Enstone, in Oxfordshire. This squadron, which I’m calling ‘City of Oxford’ will include ground crews, military vehicle enthusiasts and living history players, making this a truly unique club, with a regular calendar of events as a focal point for every member.

If this sounds of interest please complete the green form we will keep you informed of our progess. For your information, once you submit the form you will receive an email asking for confirmation that you did actually request to get more information, I know its a pain but it does mean the database is not infiltrated by spammers!



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