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 Learning to fly in Oxford

Have a go! Take a trial lesson at Enstone Flying Club and School, just 12 miles from Oxford, we guarantee it will confirm that learning to fly is all you dreamed it would be!!  We like YOU  to have fun at Enstone, below are some of the less serious questions we get asked!!!! The serious stuff is below this enjoy

Q.Does a pilotís licence make you more attractive?

A. Absolutely, like moths to flame!

Q.Does holding  a pilots licence make you stand out from the crowd?

A. Ray Ban aviator shades, leather jacket, a touch of gold braid, how can you be missed!

Q.Does holding a pilots licence fill you with a sense of achievement?

A In a crowded room, how do you know which one is the pilot? You donít they will tell you!

Q.Does wearing glasses or being colour blind stop you from holding a pilots licence?

A. No, but there are more failed fast jet pilots that claim it did!!!!!

Q.Can holding a pilots licence open doors?

A. You have no idea

If the above hasnít got you reaching for the phone or clicking your mouse, how about this serious stuff?
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Learn to fly at Enstone?

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