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Learn to Fly Solo in 9 days

Yes you can learn to fly a plane solo in 9 days!

Using our CAA & EASA approved training program we can take you from never having flown a plane before to flying solo in our Cessna 152 or Piper PA28, in just 9 days!

How can this been done?

Our experienced team of instructors with over 20,000 hours of flying training behind them will teach you the fundamentals of flying a plane. Each day you will fly 2 sorties (flights) with a pre-flight briefing followed by an actual flying lesson with you at the controls then a two hour break and back to the skies again. This process will continue each day until you are ready to fly your aircraft solo. In just 9 days.....or sooner! On graduation you will receive a framed certificate and photo of you flying solo in your plane.

Some of our first solo graduates (Right)

Flying a plane solo is one of those seminal moments that you will remember for the rest of your life, itís a fabulous achievement and there are not that many of us who have done this, in fact its less than half of one per cent of the UK population.
Who can do this ?
you must be 16 years old on the day you fly solo and a maximum of  79 this is open to everyone who has ever wondered what it would be like to fly free. As you can see from some of our past solo students we have helped all sorts of people from all walks of life gain their coveted wings.
You will receive your preparation and study material with your welcome pack which will give you all the information about what is required to get you to the solo standard. You will also need to get aviation medical before you commence your course at Enstone. This can be done by your regular GP but requires a special form which will be in your welcome pack.

Things you need and things you donít !

Not Needed
Technical Background
More Enthusiasm
Perfect eyesight
Even More Enthusiasm
PHD in Rocket Science
Own Transport
Disclosure of your real weight and age
Previous experience
Aviation Medical
Flying suit
 At least 16 years old on the day you fly solo
Leather hat, goggles and silk scarf
The big Question...... How much?
As with all great things the commitment from you is absolutely essential, as we are totally committed to getting you your wings.
The course is based on two sorties (flights) per day over a nine day period, these may not be consecutive due the vagaries of the British weather or your availability.
Cessna 152 (max weight 15st)  £3302.94 to book click here
Warrior                                   £3716.94 to book click here


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